Listed below are the names of professional players who have played for the Everett Merchants.   

We are in the process of reviewing past rosters to make sure that we have not forgotten any players.  Please click on the player names to view their professional stats courtesy of Baseball Reference. 

Please contact us if you have any names that we have missed.  

Isaiah Aluku (Outfield)
David Amberson (Outfield)
Rick Anderson (Pitcher)
* Justin Atchley (Pitcher)
Matt Atterberry (Pitcher)
* Andy Atwood (Infield)
* Stefan Bailie (First Base)
Tony Barnette (Pitcher)
Regan Bass (Pitcher)
Ryan Bean (Pitcher)
Chris Berg (Pitcher)
Beau Blacken (Infield / Outfield)
Logan Brumley (Infield)
Aaron Brooks (Pitcher)
Tyson Boston (Outfield)
Stephen Bougher (Pitcher)
Brandon Boyle (Pitcher)
Chris Boyd (Pitcher)
Ryan Budnick (Infield)
* Ryan Bundy (Catcher)
Mitch Canham (Catcher)
Bradley Clapp (Pitcher)
* Trevor Cobb (Pitcher)
Matt Cooper (Pitcher)
Cody Culp (Pitcher)
* Jeff Culpepper (Outfield)
Chris Dennis (Pitcher)
Dan DiMascio (Catcher)
Ryan DiMascio (Infield)
Brad Ditter (Infield)
* Derrin Doty (Outfield)
* Scott Engelhart (Pitcher)
* Brady Everett (Catcher)
Bo Folinga (First Base)
Jered Fowler (Pitcher)
Jeff Francis (Pitcher)
Aaron Gates (Outfield)
Steve Goucher (Pitcher)
* Rick Guttormson (Pitcher)
Jeff Gyselman (Pitcher)
Courtney Hall (Pitcher)
* Mark Hendrickson (Pitcher)
Seafth Howe (Pitcher)
Peter Irvin (Pitcher)
Shawn Kohn (Pitcher)
Levi Lacey (Pitcher)
Jeff Larabee (Pitcher)
Michael Lee (Pitcher)
* Wayne Lee (Pitcher)
* Andrew Lefave (Infield)
Jake Levin (Infield)
Tyler Levin (Pitcher)
* Todd Linden (Outfield)
*Andre Marshall (Outfield)
* Joe McFarlene (Pitcher)
* Lee Mezistrano (Outfield)
Cody McAllister (Pitcher)
* Marlin Methven (Second Base)
* Jay Miller (Outfield)
* Don Montgomery (Catcher)
* Steve Mortimer (First Base)
Jim Murphy (Outfield)
* Shean Nasin (Outfield)
Colby Nealy (Pitcher)
* Brandon Newell (Pitcher)
* DJ Neyens (Catcher)
Chad Orvella (Pitcher)
Riley O’Brien (Pitcher)
Lyle Overbay (First Base)
Ian Parmley (Outfield)
Mark Peterson (Pitcher)
* Josh Potter (Infield)
* Jake Reppert (Pitcher)
Zane Ridings (Pitcher)
Jose Rio-Berger (Outfield)
Josh Roberts (Pitcher)
Eric Rodland (Infield)
Kevin Rodland (Infield)
* Ben Ruff (Pitcher)
Troy Rusk (Catcher)
Jaykob Sells (Outfield)
Ryan Sells (Outfield)
Chris Sheehan (Pitcher)
Josh Short (Outfield)
* Nate Simon (Infield / Outfield)
* Zach Simons (Pitcher)
Aaron Smith (Infield)
Tony Snow (Pitcher)
Kevin Spaulding (Pitcher)
* Elliot Strankman (Shortstop)
* Ryan Sowards (Infield)
* Mason Tobin (Pitcher)
* Braulio Torres-Perez (Pitcher)
Aaron Trolia (Pitcher)
* Ryan Walker (Pitcher)
* Mike Wetmore (Shortstop)
Aaron West (Pitcher)
Olin Wick (Catcher)
* Brian Wisler (Pitcher)
* David Wong (Pitcher)
JT Zink (Pitcher)