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June 30, 2020 - Seattle, WA:  With the safety and well-being of our players, coaches, families, staff
members and fans being top priority, the league board members and franchises voted  to cancel the
2020 season due to COVID-19.  

“For the past several weeks, the league has discussed different contingency plans to save the season,
including several different schedule drafts with varying start dates, but decided against moving forward
considering how much uncertainty the near future still holds. We fully support the efforts that are being
implemented to protect the health and safety of the community during these unprecedented times,” said
league president Mike MacCulloch.

The PIL now joins the growing list of summer collegiate leagues that are not playing in 2020.  That list
include  the Cape Cod League, Alaska Baseball League, Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League, California
Collegiate League, Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League, Golden State Collegiate Baseball League,
Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League, Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League, Kansas Collegiate
League, Mile High Collegiate Baseball League, MINK Summer Collegiate Baseball League, New
England Collegiate Baseball League, New York Collegiate Baseball League, Perfect Game Collegiate
Baseball League, Prospect League, Valley League and the West Coast League.

“This was an exceptionally difficult decision made in an unprecedented time.  We hung on to hope for
a shortened season, the reality of our responsibility to the teams of people who make our season
possible could not be met in the manner we felt necessary” said MacCulloch. “It is a heartbreaking time
for everyone involved in the league.  We would like to thank our players, our coaches, the umpire
associations, the dedicated volunteers, and our loyal fan for their continuing support, and looks forward
to the return of baseball in all its member communities in 2021.”